Friday, May 22, 2009


My name is Jeff Rose and I work as a jack-of-many-trades developer slash architect for a regional economic development agency in the Canadian federal government. I maintained a personal blog more or less regularly for a year or so then stopped finding time for it when I started dating my girlfriend in 2005.

I joined Twitter in January 2009 and have found it just phenomenal, especially as a tool for technological community building. Following SharePoint people like @joeloleson and @andrewconnell has provided great information and made me feel like part of the community, even though I haven't been tweeting that much about SharePoint myself to this point.

The nice thing about Twitter is that I actually find the time to compose 140 characters on something I find interesting when I might not go to the effort of a full blog post. The flip side of Twitter is that I am naturally long-winded and sometimes I just can't do my thought justice with that inherent limit. I encountered that today, and felt compelled to elaborate on a tweet. So here I go again, with a new blog and no idea how often I will post. I've got good intentions as far as contributing to some of the communities that I've been getting so much out of, but you know what they say about the road to hell...

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